Brandon in Hawaii

My Japanese teacher introduced me to Degrees in Japan. They are very knowledgeable about the step by step information needed to go and earn a degree in Japan. They recommended some of the best Japanese language schools based on my needs and translated all the required application documents from English to Japanese. They will be my emergency liaison until I graduate from my Japanese language school, too. Yes, I am moving to Japan!!

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Justin in Philadelphia

I never studied Japanese, but I grew up with Japanese anime and manga. Japan was always my dream country.  I never could have imagined that there were opportunities for me to go to a Japanese college until my school counselor told me about Degrees in Japan. So many of my friends have student debt, but because tuition in Japan is so low, me and my parents will have an easier time paying for college. My dream of living in Japan is coming true! Thank you, Degrees in Japan!

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