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find and Select a Program

There are many study in Japan options at national, local public, and private  universities. There are also a multitude of Japanese language schools and professional training institutions. We help you to find and select a program option that is right for you.  

Apply to Japan education option/s 

We assist you through the application process and act as a liaison between you and the institution of your choice/s throughout the entire process. If you attend a Japanese language school, we will act as liaison between your family and institution in the event of an emergency after you have enrolled. Please note that the selection and application process takes approximately 6 to 7 months prior to enrollment.

Assistance with the details

We can help you with the Certificate of Eligibility application, which is needed to apply for a student visa. If necessary, we will connect you with a visa agent, assist with wire transfers, and help you to search for and book a flight, as well as apply for scholarships in Japan. Yes, many international students are eligible for scholarships at their chosen institution!

No Service Fees

No services fees is required.  Schedule a consultation to find out which school best fits to you.