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In universities and graduate schools, there are programs in which students can acquire an academic degree by taking courses in English only, and there are hundreds from which to choose. Contact us to see if the major you wish to student is available in English.


Undergraduate Degree Programs

Universities and junior colleges constitute the core of higher education institutions in Japan. Some universities and junior colleges offer audit and credit-earning programs, both intended for part-time students. Also, in addition to long-term, degree-earning programs, non-degree, short-term programs are available.


  • National universities, all majors: ¥535,800 (US$ 4,700)

  • Local public universities, all majors: ¥537,856 (US$4,718)

  • Private universities: ¥873,190 (US$7,660) - ¥1,390,960 (US$12,201)


Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate schools can offer master's courses (two-year standard term of study), doctoral courses (five-year standard term of study, and four years for medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine), or professional degree courses (two-year standard term of study; however, depending on the field, in some cases courses can take between one to two years, or more than three years).


  • National universities, all majors: ¥535,800 (US$ 4,700)

  • Local public universities, all majors: ¥537,856 (US$4,718)

  • Private universities: ¥ 521,091 (US$4,571) - ¥ 1,217,437 (US$10,679)


Professional Training College (Vocational School)

Specialized training colleges offering postsecondary courses are called professional training colleges and are one of the institution types classified as higher-education institutions. These colleges provide the know-how, technology and skills useful in one’s future job and life as well as an improved education.


  • ¥ 857,000 (US$7,518 ) - ¥ 1,326,000 (US$11,632)


Japanese Language Institutes

Japanese language institutes are intended to teach the Japanese language to non-Japanese speakers. For international students aiming to be admitted to higher education institutions in Japan that are not taught in English, many Japanese language institutes offer preparation courses for JLPT, EJU (including mathematics, science, and Japan and the World), and university admission exams.

A degree will not be awarded upon completion of a language school program. However, the certification of completion of the language school or Japanese language proficiency test results for the N1 or N2 levels will be helpful in your future for getting jobs and going on to other schools.


  • Private schools 1 year: ¥ 400,000(US$3,509) - ¥ 850,000 (US$7,456)